The group also diversified to a variety of other divisions. These divisions provides products such as Finance and financial advice by Route Quest, Tarpaulins and branding through Visual Branding, Rigid bodies done by RVB as well as an Earth Moving division called Benetrax Machinery.

As a market leader, the group has expanded its operations across the SADC regions, including Johannesburg, Bloemfontein, Durban and Cape Town; with an additional 31 parts outlets across the country, as well as 22 across Africa under the Henred Fruehauf brand.

With Africa being the optimum audience, the company has expanded all the way up into Africa with a variety of parts being sent all over the continent an ideal environment to put the quality and workmanship of its trailers and products to the test.

Our History

An integral part of the company’s evolution occurred with the acquisition of Henred Fruehauf in 2002 [originally established in 1953]. 2002 Can be seen as a historic year in the transport industry when SA Truck Bodies started the take-over of Henred Fruehauf Trailers. Complete ownership was finalised in 2004.

The innovative approach of SA Truck Bodies in finding customer-focused market solutions dates back to 1980. 1980 Signifies not only the birth of SA Truck Bodies, but the start of a group of companies who are today a key-player in the transport industry.

Starting with a 30sqm premises, 5 personnel, a lot of hard work, determination, blood, sweat, tears and a Vespa (for staff transport), SA Truck Bodies ventured into the art of trailer manufacturing mainly for the farming community. Hard work and persistence paid off and the market into the commercial sector opened into a never-ending venture.

Today, 33 years later, where hard work, determination, blood, sweat, less tears and a retired Vespa still apply, the company has escalated into a powerful player in the market, being the largest trailer and allied product manufacturer in South Africa.

With both leaders in the trailer industry joining forces - service, manufacturing capabilities, and imminent growth knows no boundaries.

The company has now become not only the leader in the industry, but also the largest trailer and allied product manufacturers in South Africa.

Our Network

Our Network


Company Timeline

1980 - The Start Of Sa Truck Bodies | 1993 - New Division Transrep | 1995 - New Division Trailstar 1995 - Acquisition Sa Road Tankers | 2002 - Route Holdings Formed | 2002 - Acquisition Henred Fruehauf 2004 - New Division Route Quest | 2004 - New Division Fruehauf Components | 2005 - New Division Rentco | 2005 - Acquisition Busaf Bauer | 2007 - New Division Route Components | 2008 - Acquisition Boxloader | 2008 - Shareholders Duncanmec | 2008 - Shareholders Diagonal | 2009 - Shareholders Palfinger Sa | 2013 - New Division Benetrax | 2013 - New Division Route Vehicle Building